Thursday, January 13, 2011

Astrology. Apocalypse. It's a no-brainer.

New Astrological sign being added to the chart means the coming of the Apocalypse for sure.  Where's my survival kit and radiation suit?

When will this country wake up from its sheep-like state of unconsciousness?  We're always being told what to buy, what to wear, what to eat, where to go, etc.  The plot line from "WALL-E" isn't too far off the mark.  WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE.

I cannot stand to look at television, unless it's the Food Network (which is REALLY getting on my nerves of late), Cooking Channel, Travel Channel, and some terrific HBO/Showtime series that I thoroughly enjoy.  The news, the media, the politicians, the GARBAGE that is spewed forth and thrust upon us on a daily basis is enough to make me curl up in a corner, naked, shuddering, weeping, and mumbling to myself, "Why didn't I eat more Foie Gras?".

I think this is where "They" want us to be.  Comatose, and easily manipulated.  This IS a conspiracy.  Keep feeding them war, anger, hate, and fear, and all they'll want is more.  Same goes for kids and junk food.  What a coincidence.

Have a mind of your own, and think before you scream, "THE SKY IS FALLING" and bury your head in a shit pile.

But maybe that's where most of these mindless heads belong.  In a big, hot, gloriously stinky pool of diarrhea.  The morning after a drunken bender, creamed corn, and bad sushi.  Insert head, open mouth, swallow.  One less sheep.

Here's my Apocalypse:  The end of great suffering and anger.  To no longer fear the unknown.  Take responsibility for ourselves, each other, and our planet.  Emerging on the other side to a vision of enlightenment, hope, peace, and above all else, a society free of mindless morons and shit eaters.

But then, the world could just suddenly explode in a giant fireball.  Sending particles scattering across the endless expanse of space.  Nothing left.

The Universe will probably be way better off.