Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Atomic Weapons Testing.

Okay, so my penance for being so eager for vitamin D and sunshine has left me a bit itchy and pink.

And for all the perverts reading this, I WENT TANNING THIS MORNING.

But I must say, this new place makes my old place look completely pedestrian.  The old place went out of business last May, and I still had 7, that's SEVEN sessions to use.  Not happy.

BUT, as a "Beach Bum", I can choose my basting settings, music, fan speed, and the beds even spritz cold water on your face every 30 seconds!  Much like the produce section at your local supermarket.  I guess tanning has evolved.  I actually got very excited when touring the facility and the machines that would render me "Native looking and sexy", as I like to put it.

Now if I just didn't feel so puffy, and look as if I fell asleep ground zero at an atomic weapons testing facility.