Monday, January 17, 2011

Fat lips.

After a weekend of drum corps and playing my face off, I have that "good" sore/ache everywhere.  I always love how my muscles feel after a weekend of intense training, music, marching, and being "hard corps".

I'm so happy and excited that one of my closest friends, and fellow mellos is returning to the ranks with me.  Now if we could get another friend to come back to the line, it will be the "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" reuniting to barrage people with high notes, volume, sarcasm, and a lot of O&A references. 

I've played mellophone with these guys since 2003, and it's like we share a brain.  We are so insane and tight when we play in a line together.  It is SICK.  When we have staff coming up to us and saying how they wish they could play mellophone and be in the line because we make it sound so effortless, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy, and chomping at the bit to get even better.  And we're already excellent.  As I said this past weekend, "We're getting the band back together".  So, myself, Josh, Sean, and hopefully Mark will be marching together once again in 2011.  ELATION!

On that note, why do women pay a lot of money to have fat injected into their lips to make them look full and puffy?  Play a brass instrument, you'll get the same effect for a hell of a lot less money.  I have "Angelina" lips today from playing all weekend.  They look great, but are abnormally puffy for my face.  Fat lips are easy to make, if you're an excellent horn player.  That I am.