Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A beginning.

January 5, 2011. Two years ago today I started a life change of personal improvement, better health, weight loss, and overall well being.  I lost 30 lbs, gained back 10 this past year, but have maintained for the most part.  I now want to lose another 20 lbs before Flag Day in June in order to prepare myself for my return to the drum corps field with my Hawthorne Caballeros after a 3 season hiatus.  My body will hate me for it, I guarantee it.

This will be a challenge, and I will get lazy and apathetic about it, but that's how I roll.  I'm a chef and love food and all that it involves.  I just bought a 6 lbs duck and Liverwurst yesterday.  Did I need to?  No.  But I did it anyway, and will surely suffer for it, but it's SO good.  Duck Confit anyone?  Liverwurst and onions on Naan bread?  Divine.

It annoys me sometimes when people come to me for advice about health and weight loss.  I'm no expert, I just didn't want to be a fattie pig fattie anymore.  I was on my way to type-2 diabetes, a heart attack, and potentially being harpooned on the beach, mistaken for a beached whale.  It took for me to lose the first 10 lbs for my husband to tell me, "You were getting fat".  It hurt, but he was right.

Anyway, I don't want this blog to be all about weight loss, as most women blog about such things all the time.  Do I expect this to be my breakthrough into greatness?  Probably not, but I do expect it to be a place where I can really say what's on my mind, uncensored and unapologetic.



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  1. Looks great! An important first step...and yes, this is for YOU to do YOU. :)